Engraving Machine Vendors

How & Where To Shop For Engraving Equipment

The Big 3 companies to contact:

1) Gravograph/New Hermes - 800-843-7637

2) Roland DGA Corp - 800-542-2307

3) Vision Engravers - 888-637-1737

5 general recommendations:

1) Decide on the staffing/training time commitment that any new technical equipment requires before you decide on the monetary investment. There's a learning curve to get the best results. Ask the vendor about local service.

2) Get a unit with software that allows you to download files so no re-keying is required.

3) Buy a vacuum system to contain the chips that fly around. (Check out the noise factor.)

4) Ask for a demo and test the software before you buy.

5) Consider a multi-part fixture for holding your tags (your equipment supplier can help with this and it can speed up operations if you're doing lots of tags per day).

Most golf shops won't challenge the capabilities of engraving equipment.