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How Green Are We?

We recycle

We recycle or reuse 100% of all packing materials at our plant. Inks and foils used in production are environmentally stable and non-polluting. Metal tags are lead-free.

Employee health and safety is a company-wide goal.

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ProTag history-TPC

A brief history....we started with an idea for Picture BagTags in 1983. TPC Sawgrass helped by ordering the first batch and they sold like crazy in the shop. From there we expanded our capacity and line of products to encompass what you Professionals in the Golf Industry need and want - high quality utility items that project the image of the golf course in a lasting and dignified way.

We take great pride in making things that you need, right here in America.

3 Reasons To Buy From ProTag

1. You can talk to a real person.
2. You get tags that are Made-in-America.
3. Your job gets easier.