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If you don’t see what you need –
please call 800-777-6824 or email us.

  • We manufacture and wholesale bag tags, poker chip markers and P-Touch products. Golf Industry Professionals benefit from dealing with us directly. Our factory is in Wilmington, NC, USA, a great place to live, play and eat.
    Take a look at what we make - click Products.

  • Are straps included?

    Yes. Each tag has a standard attachment included. In addition, we offer leather and steel cable-locks on some styles for an up-charge.

  • How long does it take?

    Plastic production runs 3-4 weeks from Proof Approval. Metal, leather and wood tags run 4-5 weeks. If you need it faster, sometimes we can speed production - Rush Charges apply.
    Shipping is from Wilmington, NC.

  • Where are the prices?

    Get A Quote here or call 800-777-6824. If you're a Golf Professional or Industry Buyer, we'll email the current Price List.

  • Set-up charges?

    We don't have any except on Leather Tags.

  • Payment terms?

    Net 30 days for established customers. Credit cards are accepted at time of order. Prepayment may be required for new or non-domestic accounts. Finance charges of 18% per annum will be applied on past due amounts. Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.

  • Our Sensible Delivery Program saves you money, time and storage space! Just place your annual order to receive the best quantity discount possible, and we'll split ship on your schedule. You're invoiced with each shipment, maximizing budget and cash management. Minimum quantities apply. Available on most, but not all products.

  • What colors do tags come in?

    We mold in 10 colors and some styles come in all 10. See the color chart on each bag tag page for colors in that particular shape. If you need a custom color we can mold it for 5000+ tags (allow an extra 2 weeks production).

  • Send samples?

    We always email a proof before production of your job. But, if you need to feel our quality before making a choice, we can send a sample of most tags and color combinations..

  • Yes - all our metal tags are custom. In plastic we can quote a custom shape starting at 10,000 tags. Send us your ideas and Get A Quote.

  • The best input gives the best output.
    Logo artwork created in a Vector Program (i.e. Adobe Illustrator) is Preferred. Convert Fonts to Curves and Save as an EPS File. PDF's are acceptable if originally built as vector art.
    For photos,TIFFs or JPGs are fine. Resolution must be 300 dpi or more with the image size at least 4" x 6". You can upload your files fast by clicking here.
    Don't send DST files. They're only for embroidery and have been turned into stitches.

  • What's a PMS color - Pantone Matching System?

    Pantone Matching System (PMS) is a universal color index that identifies colors by number. If you have specific PMS colors for your logo, let us know so we can approximate them in ink or hotstamping. Some colors may not have an exact match in hotstamping, but we'll tell you how close we can get.

  • Why do I need to look at a proof?

    We try hard to lay out your exact instructions. We catch most errors, but your proof is the last and best opportunity to make sure that the tag comes out the way you want it. Please check spelling and numbers carefully before you sign off.

  • Can the final product look different from the proof on my screen?

    Yes, color variations occur because your computer screen and color printer show colors in different ways. However, the proof we send is a very good representation of how the final product will look.

  • They're not our dogs, but they're pretty special. Littermates - Mason, Wright and Crockett - were discovered walking at the beach and became the original Lab Testers. Baxter is our Art Department's loyal pooch. For more photos, see the Lab Tester Gallery. You can even submit your own.

  • Yes. We offer Engraving Services and keep your tags in inventory. It's easy for you to just email names when you need them.

  • Email your list to
    Excel files are great, especially for your initial list of names. You can also send a short list of names in the body of your email in 1 column.
    Since we don't re-key names, they're engraved the way you spell them.

  • Can I keep tags at ProTag for engraving later?

    Yes. When we've made your initial order and engraved the first list, the balance of your tags are held in inventory until you use them up. This is a prepaid program. There's no more paperwork or invoicing along the way.
    Click to see How Engraving Works.

  • Can you engrave tags from another vendor?

    Most of the time, YES. Email us a sample of what it looks like and we'll tell you for sure.

  • How "green" can bagtags be?

    High quality plastic & metals last a long time - a good thing when you're buying bagtags. To offset, we recycle or reuse 100% of all packing materials that come into the plant. Our inks and foils are environmentally stable and our metal tags contain no lead. One staff car even gets 60 mpg!

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